Ride Straight

Ride Straight

AMA has worked with NHTSA to design an effective Alcohol Awareness Program, and Michigan is one of the first states to join this nationwide campaign. The program focus is, “Ride to live, live to ride tomorrow”. You have seen the posters in the AMA magazine and also in the Michigan Rider.

Your first thought may be: "Why the hell are we supporting NHTSA? Aren't they our opposition? The answer is simple: we do have something in common with NHTSA, namely Motorcycle Safety and Awareness, and this is a way to show them that we are actually doing something about it. This not only demonstrates that we are putting our money where our mouth is, i.e. that Education, not Legislation is the answer to safety, but also will contribute significantly to Motorcycle Safety.

So it's a true win-win deal: we can save lives and in the process prove ourselves to NHTSA.

 Anyone interested in helping distribute posters and other campaign material to bike shops etc should contact Vince at 248 685-9150.

Vince Piacenti
ABATE of Michigan