Meeting minutes


NOVEMBER 7, 2017

Our meeting was called to order with the Pledge and a welcome to November.

LEGISLATIVE REPORT Not a great deal of changes with legislation in Lansing and unfortunately no action with SB0575 (HB4306) with the change for implementation dates to increase motorcycle endorsement fee not until January 20, 2018 and registration delay being February 19, 2019. It was estimated that the lost revenues due to delayed registration dates will be for the endorsement policy delay is $62,500 and registration delay is $693,333.

SECRETARY AND TREASURERS report were approved as presented.

BOARD MEETING SUMMARY The October 14th meeting was well attended and thoughtful discussions on the bylaw changes proposed, state seminar and legislation.  The decision on the bylaw proposals were 1) support for newsletter being electronically done passed unanimously, 2) the absentee ballots did not pass due to the main worry of reduction in attendance for the seminar, 3) support was given for a salary of $200/monthly for handling the raffle bike and 4) back patch did not pass.

STATE SEMINAR the seminar will be held on January 19 21, 2018 in Lansing.  Region 19 will have a region room.  Contact state to obtain information on the meal tickets and reservation on location of the seminar.

MEMBER OF THE YEAR the region unanimously nominated Vince Fabis as our member of the year.

BOARD NOMINATIONS the following nominations will be voted upon at the December meeting:

    • RC Vince Piacenti
    • Co-RC Pete Kazelas
    • Secretary open
    • Treasurer Pete Kazelas
  • HOLIDAY PARTY is tentatively set for Friday, December 8th but will be confirmed and advised.
  •    Minutes by Sylvia