Meeting minutes


OCTOBER 3, 2017


Our meeting was called to order with a welcome to all and the Pledge of Allegiance.  The ABATE board will be meeting on October 14, 2017.

LEGISLATIVE REPORT – Vince Fabis advised that there has been a lot of activity in Lansing in past month. On October 18th ABATE is having a legislative day in Lansing in the cafeteria at the Capital building to meet with the legislators and staff. The focus of the meeting will be to stop the SB0575 and SB0568 delay in the implementation of the fees for endorsement to January 20, 2018 and registration plate increases delaying until “February 19, 2019.  If you can join us in Lansing your presence is welcomed and will help us in our efforts. The delay in fees will cost us about two years in the funding which goes into the safety fund.

HB4480 is the motorcycle handlebar height making changes from 15” to 30” and has been referred to the transportation committee.  HB4919 is the motorcycle procession bill which gives the bikes the right of way with the first and last bikes displaying a florescent flag and has also been referred to the transportation and infrastructure committees. The distracted driving bill (HB5049) has been changed to include devises, computer, tablet, camera or other internet-based communication devices but does not include the GPS devices in your cars and has also been sent to the transportation and infrastructure committees. 

SECRETARY AND TREASURERS REPORTS were approved as presented.

AMA – The AMA is staying vigilant to make sure that motorcycles are an integral part of automated driving. Since automated driving in gradual levels (1 to 5 with 5 being totally autonomous) will definitely come, it is good that the AMA is ensuring that motorcycles are recognized as part of the transportation structure.

Region 19 BOARD NOMINATIONS – The Region will be a number of officer’s positions available at this November nominations as the current Secretary, Treasurer, Co-RC and Legislative officer will not be applying for these positions and they will be open. Please consider stepping up to help fill these positions.

BYLAW PROPOSALS from the region has been submitted to the committee for 2017 i.e. newsletter electronically being sent and the addition of absentee ballots.

OBSERVATION RUN help last Sunday was a very good profitable event with a great day, ride and route destination. A special thank you went to all who helped with the run.

Keep riding safely.

   Minutes by Sylvia