Meeting minutes


January 6, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Vince with a welcome to January and the Pledge of Allegiance.

LEGISLATIVE REPORT – Vince Fabis advised that HB4306/SB0575 which is for increasing the motorcycle endorsement fee has been delayed until February 19, 2019 due to archaic software. SB575 regarding handlebar height passed the Senate, is now in the House. There are 4 bills (HB5517, 5518, 5519 and 5520) to modify/repeal the no-fault / MCCA insurance laws. Dondi Vesprini was on hand to explain that benefits would be capped, wage losses could ensue, and the other pitfalls. This would affect your car insurance as well as your bike insurance.

Vince’s excellent Legislative Report will serve as the state-wide report for ABATE.

Vince also mentioned the MI Use Tax change proposal.

Legislative Days are Feb 14, Feb 28 (Pizza and Pop!), March 14, April 18 and May 16. The Freedom Rally is TUESDAY, June 5.

Vince Fabis covered autonomous driving; it is right now at 70% maturity which means we are not ready for full hands-off driving yet, but this 70% accident-avoidance will still save a lot of lives.

SECRETARY’S and TREASURER’S REPORTS were approved as presented.  Pam moved and Sandy seconded that the region send $100 to the MRF to renew our Sustaining Membership; the motion was approved and carried. Our new Treasurer, Pete Kazelas, took over and is doing great.

AMA/MRF – Were both at the ABATE State Seminar and gave presentations.

RAFFLE TICKETS – are now available, see Pete.

FIELD MEET – June 8, 9, and 10 at the West Side RV campground in Rapid City

STATE SEMINAR RECAP – good presentations, good seminar, good food, and a lot of camaraderie.

CHRISTMAS PARTY -  Bill proposed that we combine this with our December meeting in 2018; all agreed.

BY-LAW PROPOSALS – Vince gave us a review of two bylaw changes which were passed at the State Seminar, one of which (that Members can opt to not receive their newsletter but instead read online if they wish) was proposed by our own Hank Kinzey!

   Minutes by Vince