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Licensing Awareness Campaign

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ABATE of Michigan rolls out new

Motorcycle Licensing Awareness Campaign

A December 2003 Study conducted by the University of Michigan showed that about 44% of crash-involved motorcyclists were not legally licensed to operate a motorcycle. Since we at ABATE of Michigan are dedicated to improving motorcycle safety, we want to address this.

The Study explains that there is a link between lack of licensing and safety:

"People who ride motorcycles without valid licenses may be more likely

than those who are licensed to be involved in crashes because of lack of skill, knowledge, or a propensity toward risky behavior."

"Programs to increase knowledge and skill among motorcyclists can be linked to

licensing. To receive a motorcycle endorsement on a driverís license, a person must demonstrate knowledge and skills of safe motorcycle operation by passing a written test and driving test. Because they have not passed these tests, the level of knowledge and skills of unlicensed motorcyclists is not known. However, it is reasonable to assume that there is considerable room for improvement."

Furthermore the U of M recommend some improvements:

" A concerted effort to get all currently unlicensed motorcyclists licensed, and to make sure that new motorcyclists start with a valid license is required. This effort could start with a public information program informing people that it is

illegal to operate a motorcycle without the proper licensure, and telling them how they can get licensed."

Thus we have taken it upon ourselves to devise a campaign to inform motorcyclists of these facts, and to urge them to get a license if they do not yet have one.

We feel that this, coupled with our 3-tiered Alcohol Awareness Campaign, will be more effective at saving lives than are measures such as mandated safety equipment, which may make the crash safer but don't prevent the crash in the first place.

Vince Piacenti     August 27, 2004

ABATE of Michigan

Board of Directors