Q: Donít statistics prove that mandatory helmet laws save more lives than rider education programs?

A: The present statistics show that states with a mandatory helmet law have a greater number of fatalities than those without one.

Q: Donít states that repeal or amend their mandatory helmet laws have a higher fatality rate after the repeal/amendment?

A: No; in fact the average fatality rate of the 5 states which most recently amended their helmet laws to allow adult choice has not changed.

Q: Why is ABATE against helmet use by motorcyclists?

A: We are not against helmets at all; we do believe in the freedom to choose whether or not to wear a helmet

Q: Arenít non-helmeted motorcycle riders a burden on society?

A: Since the average accident rate and the fatality rate is lower in states without helmet laws, not being forced to wear a helmet is not a social burden. Also, statistics show that motorcyclists are 3.6% less dependent upon public funds for hospitalization than is the general public.

Q: Why is ABATE  only concerned with mandatory helmet laws?

A: While helmets laws are one of our important issues, we also are involved in off-road issues, insurance discrimination, road closures, illegal bike seizures, etc.

Q: I donít have a Harley; can I still join ABATE?

A: ABATE.  represents ALL motorcyclists from all walks of life, regardless of brand or type of motorcycle. Nor is ABATE. a club; we are a Motorcyclists Rights Organization, dedicated to preserving Freedom in Motorcycling.