Alcohol Awarness

Alcohol Awareness

1. Ride Straight Campaign

This was created by a joint effort of NHTSA and AMA and stresses moderation by placing graphic posters in strategic locations (bars, magazines, bike dealers). ABATE of Michigan is one of the first groups in the US to actively support this program.


2. Workshops

ABATE holds alcohol awareness workshops at the regional (county) level as well as at the state level. These use nationally proven techniques (“0.8 glasses”, field sobriety tests, etc.) to demonstrate the dangers of alcohol.


3. Role Model Program

This relatively new program teaches by example: Region Officers and Road Captains volunteer to abstain totally while “on-duty”, thus setting an example for others to follow.

First Responder and CPR courses

These courses are sponsored on at the regional and state level; in most cases, ABATE of Michigan provides funding so members can attend free-of-charge. These are open to the public as well, also free-of-charge.